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Caregiver Planner

Eliminate the stress and anxiety that comes from trying to keep up with it all! 

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  • Are you drowning under the waves of information coming from your child's doctors, therapists, specialists, etc.? 


  • Are you struggling to remember important details related to your child's care and worry something critical will fall through the cracks?


  • Are you feeling stressed over keeping records and documents organized and easy to reference?

The Parachute Project™ Caregiver Planner is the answer!

With more than 100 pages of caregiver resources this planner is the "done for you" organizational system you have been wishing for.

Just open and go! 

"When my son was diagnosed with cancer, there was so much information coming at me from everywhere. It was really overwhelming! I knew I needed to keep good records of all of his treatments and specialists but I didn't know how to start. I was so relieved to find The Parachute Project™ Caregiver Planner. It has a planning page for everything! All I have to do is choose the one I need and write in my son's information. I don't worry about record keeping anymore!"


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An "open and go" organizational system designed to support you in your caregiving role. Finally, take control of your record keeping and never loose track of important information again!

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Caregiver Planner Printable Notebook

Full Color Printable

100 caregiver resources in a full color, downloadable, PDF file to be printed on demand. Also offered in greyscale.

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Caregiver Planner On tablet & Phone

Digitally Editable

100 caregiver resources in full color, downloadable, PDF files to be stored and edited on your favorite personal device.

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"I love that I can use this planner as printed pages and on my phone. Some records I like to keep organized in a binder. Other times, I want to take notes on my phone during an appointment. The Parachute Project™ Caregiver Planner lets me do both!"


What do you get with your caregiver planner?

  • Immediate access to more than 100 caregiver resources!
  • Tutorials to help you make the most of your caregiver planner.
  • A full color, PDF printable version of the planner.
  • A greyscale PDF printable version of the planner for economical printing.
  • A digitally fillable PDF file of each individual page (that's 101 unique files) to be conveniently organized on your favorite portable device.  
  • Resources include: Appointments, Contacts, Trackers, Instructions, Family History, and so much more!
  • Designed to be flexible and easily personalized to any circumstance, this one-time purchase will continue to serve your caregiving needs for many years to come! 
  • Includes access to future additions and updates at no additional cost!

"There are so many resources included in this planner! I have everything I need to keep track of my daughter's current care needs and I'm ready for anything that might change in the future."


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"I looked high and low for an organizational system that would keep track of my daughter's medical care and multiple therapies. Nothing I found met all of my daughter's needs and I just didn't have the time to DIY my own. I was a scattered mess! That is until I found The Parachute Project™ Caregiver Planner. Now everything is organized in one place !"


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